This infographic below illustrating the effects of overpopulation on public health is courtesy of MPH Online, the authority for Masters of Public Health degrees.  It was brought to my attention by April Moore of The Earth Connection blog in a post last month. I know this is not my usual fare here at Heartspoken, but I found it both informative and compelling.

We can't ignore the effects of overpopulation

If we are to be serious about wanting to strengthen our connection with others or our connection with nature, we can't put our heads in the sand about the forces at work which could make those two things unpleasant or impossible. Nor can we throw up our hands in despair. We humans have done amazing things when working together to confront huge challenges. I think we're up to meeting this challenge too, but it will take will and grit and determination and money. It will take sacrifice and maybe even some discomfort. Certainly it will take a willingness to live more simply, frugally, and sustainably.



Are you in?

The stakes are too high to sit on the sidelines. Where do you think we should begin?

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