The Faithful Writers Group is no longer active

At Heartspoken, we still celebrate writing as a powerful connection tool for the #HeartspokenLife, but the official Faithful Writers email list and newsletter have been discontinued. If you'd like to receive Heartspoken's monthly "Compass Points" newsletter, CLICK HERE for more information.

Writing is a powerful tool for strengthening our connection with God, with others, and with ourselves. For me, this has included journaling, writing personal notes and letters, blogging here at Heartspoken, and writing articles for other publications to share observations and questions about faith and the #HeartspokenLife. Writing has helped me understand myself and see God's footprints in my life, and I pray my writing has encouraged and guided others too. If you want to enrich your own writing life, you'll find many archived newsletters and posts HERE.

Elizabeth in blue suit

Elizabeth Cottrell, AKA

Riverwood Writer