Faith-Based & Motivational Writing

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As a Christian, I strive to place myself—and any gifts or abilities God has given me—in service to this higher power. Sometimes this means simply using my writing to encourage others and to be a conduit for God's love to my readers. Other times, it means sharing my faith journey and struggles—doubts and fears, highs and lows. It certainly includes sharing books, writers, and resources that have impacted my walk with God.

To that end, I seek outlets for publications that serve Christian readers. My faith background is that of a lifelong Episcopalian, but I consider myself a seeker and a wayfinder. Besides the scores of blog posts and book reviews I've written about our connection with God (CLICK HERE to scroll through these), I have preached sermons in my church and have had articles published by the Virginia Episcopalian magazine.

I support Faithful Writers!

The Faithful Writers group is an outreach of, and I'd love to have anyone join us who is interested in learning how to use their writing in greater service to God. CLICK HERE for more information.

I also lead spiritual retreats/workshops to help Christian writers fulfill their calling and discover new ways to find and serve God through their writing. I'd love to speak about coming to your church or community to lead such an activity. CLICK HERE for my contact information.

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