Editing & Proofreading

Mistakes can be embarrassing

Don't let an error go out with your name on it! None of us can adequately edit our own writing. Editing and proofreading services are a very inexpensive investment in your image, and my satisfied clients will attest to its importance. You should have a third party edit and proofread:

  • All important correspondence and reports
  • Every bit of content posted to your website or blog

  • Any writing that has the potential to reflect on your personal or corporate image

“When AvoLead, LLC launched its website with over 100 pages of content, our four senior partners had read, reviewed, and proofread everything carefully…we thought. Thank goodness we had RiverwoodWriter do a final perusal. Not only did Elizabeth pick up a few typos we had missed and correct one very embarrassing mistake, but she was also able to suggest several instances where more clarity was needed to ensure that our message was delivered with maximum impact. Now we send her every bit of fresh content before it's posted and get terrific ROI for the minimal expense.”

Sarah C. Albritton, M.S., Leadership Innovations, Winston-Salem, NC

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