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You've got problems… RiverwoodWriter has solutions! 

  • You've got a publication, website, newsletter, or blog to produce and you need quality content
  • You've got reports, e-books, manuals, courses, and articles to write, but not enough time!
  • You're not a confident writer, but you've got so much to say!
  • You want to get that book out of your head and into the world.
  • You need a nonfiction freelance writer to research and write for your publication.
  • You've started a nonfiction book but can't seem to finish it.
  • You've written your memoir (or family history). Now how can you create a book for your family?
  • You've got a book ready, but you need help adding pictures and captions.
  • You need someone to proofread or edit your manuscript, article, or post.

Communication is only effective if it:

  • Educates or Informs
  • Motivates or Influences
  • Compels or Convinces
  • Inspires or Encourages

Since 1990, RiverwoodWriter has helped clients publish books and write papers, articles, and other content to improve visibility, establish authority in their field, and get their messages to the world. 

Collaborative content creation

  • FAITH-BASED & MOTIVATIONAL WRITING: I strive to serve God and encourage others through my writing, and I seek outlets for publications that serve Christian readers. I also write and lead spiritual retreats to help Christian writers fulfill their calling and discover new ways to find and serve God through their writing. MORE INFO

  • FREELANCE ARTICLES, BLOGGING: I seek paid nonfiction writing assignments and provide content for blogs and online or offline publications. MORE INFO

  • GET THAT BOOK WRITTEN: As a ghostwriter or co-author, I give voice to clients who need help bringing their story, blog, or book to light. MORE INFO

  • TECHNICAL & BUSINESS WRITING: As a technical writer, I specialize in turning complex writing into simple, understandable language for business and technical applications. I help clients find the right words to address awkward, sensitive, or potentially volatile situations. MORE INFO

  • EDITING & PROOFREADING: I polish your writing to make you look good. MORE INFO

CLICK HERE to see my selective writing portfolio

Industries and topics of expertise:

Motivation and Spirituality:

I have blogged extensively about how to strengthen three of life's four essential connections: Connection with Self, Connection with Others, and Connection with God.

Nature and Environment:

I grew up on a farm immersed in the natural world, and I believe our connection with nature is one of life's four essential connections (see above for the other three). I write to compel readers to explore nature and become amateur naturalists. When they do, they will fight to preserve what they have come to love.

Personal note writing:

I am on a mission to revive the art of personal note writing. I've shared thoughts and encouragement about the power of connecting through a handwritten note on my blog and a Facebook group called “Revive the art of personal note writing!”.

Small and home-based business issues:

As an editor for the International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs, iI managed a team of writers providing content for a membership website. I wrote about small business marketing and social media at SmallBizSpoken.com, but this is no longer an actively updated site.

Biology and medicine:

With an undergrad degree in Biology and a Master's degree in Human Anatomy, I have also done transcription for a specialist in Internal Medicine and written health articles for a membership website. I wrote research reports for an engineering company with a government contract to do research on accessibility issues for handicapped, including mobility, visual, and auditory.

Public Education:

I served nine years on the Shenandoah County Public School Board, including two years as its chairman.

Banking and personal finance:

I have served since 1992 on the Board of Directors of First Bank and First National Corporation, serving on its Audit, Compensation, and Governance committees, and now the chairman of its board.


My husband and I have raised two wonderful children to adulthood, so parenting and development issues have always been an interest.


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