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I've been writing for clients and for personal pleasure much of my life. Below are samplings:


Heartspoken: The four connections essential to a wholehearted life. In this blog, I explore the power of connection, focusing primarily on four essential life connections that propel happiness and success: Connection with Self, Connection with God, Connection with Others, and Connection with Nature. I am also on a mission to revive the art of personal note writing, because I believe it is such an effective connection tool in both private life and in business.

SmallBizSpoken: While I am no longer adding new content to this site, it contains a rich supply of support for small business owners and solopreneurs who want to better understand the basics of social media marketing and online visibility. Resources, training, support, and services.

RiverwoodWriter: Resources for writers, authors, and digital publishers have been integrated into the Heartspoken.com website..


Contributing Author: The Gratitude Project: Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude (First edition: December, 2010). Amazon Besteller: 12/15/12

#1 in Health, Mind & Body — > Self-Help –> Success. Surpassed Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
#2 in Motivational
#7 in Inspirational
#230 overall

 Contributing Author: The Gratitude Project: Celebrating Moms and Motherhood (April, 2011)

Contributing Author: The Gratitude Project: Celebrating Personal Heroes (September, 2011)

Articles, Columns, and Guest Blog Posts

Virginia Episcopalian, The Quarterly Magazine of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia. Spring 2017

“Do You Know Your Neighbor?” pages 10-11

“The Message of the Mustard Seed: Grant Fund,” page 18

Mountain Courier (formerly Bryce Mountain Courier)

“Feng Shui: Add a Little ‘Woo Woo”‘to Your Home,” April 2015

Book reviews, June and August, 2015

Donna Martin's “On the Write Track” blog's Writerly Wisdom Series:

“ACTION CALL TO AUTHORS: Get Visible, Get Known, and Get Sales! Eight tips for building an author platform with online tools” December 2013

The Future of Ink blog:

“10 Essential Steps To Take Before Publishing Your Digital Content” October, 2012


“It's never too late to reinvent yourself!”  July, 2012

Northern Virginia Daily

“Let's revive the lost art of note writing!” May, 2012

“How to write a sympathy note” June, 2012

“Never be afraid to try something new” August, 2012

“Are you making these gift-giving mistakes?” December, 2012

The Word Shark blog:

A Mother’s Gift: Connection” May, 2012

“TrustCloud: Harness Technology to Build a Reputation” January 2012

Letters From Your Wayward Sister blog:

“Don't let growing up destroy your inner child” October, 2012

De-cluttering isn’t just for closets and inboxes” April, 2012

The AvoLead blog (for senior executives):

“Change is Good: You Go First!” September, 2011

“What men can learn from women about leadership” August, 2011

“Meta-Analysis Evidence: Behavior is the Best Predictor of Leadership Effectiveness” April, 2011

“Can Gaming Really Change the World?” April, 2011

“Is Your Nonprofit Organization LInkedIn Yet?” March, 2011

“Professional Networking: LinkedIn Groups” February, 2011

“Let Go to Move Forward” February, 2011

“Strategy Lesson from History: Be Ready to Adapt” January, 2011

“Leveraging LinkedIn: Powerful Profiles” September, 2010

“Are You An Artist?” June, 2010

“Rethink your use of PowerPoint” May, 2010

Book Reviews

For Leadership Innovations, Inc.: Review of Boundary Spanning Leadership by Chris Ernst and Donna Chrobot-Mason

I have reviewed well over 100 books on Amazon.com, GoodReads, and Shelfari.

Scientific Publications


While working for Applied Concepts Corporation and Virginia Technology Associates (same owner), I wrote grant proposals and grant reports on accessibility research done by our company's engineers for government contracts from the U.S. Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board.


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D'Addamio, G. H., E. H. Cottrell, M. F. Vidrine, M. S. DeRouen and E. E. Storrs. “Effects of Age on Armadillo Organ Weights.” Laboratory Animal Science (“Brief reports”). 26:96-97, 1976.

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Walsh, G. P., E. E. Storrs, H. P. Burchfield, M. F. Vidrine, E. H. Cottrell. “Final Results of First Four Armadillos Inoculated with Viable M. lepraeLeprosy Scientific Memoranda, L-592, August, 1974.

Van Hook, R. I., Jr., and E. T. Herbert. “Effects of Gamma Radiation and Temperature on the Biological Assimilation and Retention of 137Cs by Acheta domesticus(L.)” Health Physics. 21:845-850, 1971. [Note: Herbert was Elizabeth's maiden name]


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