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Orb of Light

“Orb of Light” by Gavin Mills, Toronto, ON

If you could pass on your most treasured or meaningful wisdom or advice to someone you love, what would it be? 

About the Project

How often have you learned things (often the hard way) that you wish you could teach others? Or perhaps you’ve had an experience that resulted in a life-changing insight. Maybe you’ve just been around long enough to have something important to pass on. Or perhaps you've wished there was somewhere to go to find things that others have deemed to be their best wisdom or advice.

The goal of Heartspoken's Our Wisdom Spoken project is to collect and share wisdom and advice that is worthy of imparting to others.

Share YOUR Wisdom or Advice

If you have some wisdom or advice to share, we offer a simple one-question online survey at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/wisdomspoken. If you'd prefer to download it and mail it in, you can do so by clicking your chosen format below. You can even submit your response by posting it on my Facebook Page. Scroll down for Frequently Asked Questions. Whichever method you choose, we are looking for your answer to the following question:

If you could pass on your most treasured or meaningful wisdom or advice to someone you love, what would it be? 

Our Wisdom Spoken Questionnaire in PDF format

Our Wisdom Spoken Questionnaire in MS Word format

Our Wisdom Spoken Blog Posts

CLICK HERE to find all the blog posts that reference or reflect the contributions from Our Wisdom Spoken Project. You can also use the sidebar search box to look for specific topics. (Note: there will be very few at first, but this content will grow as we receive responses to our questionnaire.)

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about Our Wisdom Spoken Project

Disclaimer: Any submission to the Our Wisdom Spoken Project may be used by RiverwoodWriter, LLC and Heartspoken.com in any future digital or printed publications. While it is our intention to honor the integrity of every submission, we reserve the right not to use every submission and the right to edit any submission as needed for clarity and appropriate language.

Q: Do I have to include the demographic information requested in the questionnaire/survey?

A: No, but we hope you will. The demographic information (name, state, country, age and email) is optional, but we respectfully request that you include as much of it as you can or are willing. Having this information will allow us to draw interesting conclusions if we find patterns when sorted by geography or age. By sharing your name, we can be more personal when we connect with you.

Q: Why should I include my email address?

A: By sharing your email, you allow us to offer you occasional updates and our free Heartspoken e-newsletter, which will include much of the wisdom and advice shared by project participants. We will also let you know if the project submissions are ever published.

Q: Is there a limit to how long my submission can be?

A: The survey program we use has a maximum capacity for lines and words, but you may submit any additional information by email (eliz…@heartspoken.com – this is a live, clickable link but letters are omitted for security reasons) or postal service (P.O. Box 81, Maurertown, VA 22644)

Q: Is there a limit to the number of submissions I may make?

A: No. We expect that some participants will have wisdom or advice to share about different aspects of their lives, and we welcome that. Please submit each one on a separate sheet of paper (or with a separate online survey response), but they can be mailed at the same time.

Q: Can I submit a video or audio response instead of written?

A: Absolutely, we'd be delighted to receive these by email or snail mail, both provided at the bottom of this page.

Q; Will my submission be published?

A: Heartspoken and its parent company, RiverwoodWriter, LLC, reserve the right to publish your submissions in print or electronic form in the future, but no specific plans have been made at this time. By giving us your email, we can let you know if a publication results from this project.

Q: How will you use the submissions people submit?

A: Many submissions will be developed into articles and published through the Heartspoken.com blog. To find these, go to http://Heartspoken.com/categories/our-wisdom-spoken. Until we start receiving responses, this page will be empty, but future posts will appear as soon as they are published.

Q: If I go to the trouble to submit something, will you use it?

A: It will be saved and catalogued, but since there are likely to be a lot of duplications, we cannot guarantee that we will use every single entry. It's important for you to share your wisdom or advice, however, because the more often a single idea is submitted, the more we will all realize that it is an important piece of wisdom or advice.

Q: Why would you change or edit my submission?

A: We want everyone to submit the things that have been meaningful to them with the assurance that even if they are not articulate or good at writing, we will edit their submission to make sure it is shared in the best possible way. We also would make changes to protect readers from the potential of any vulgar or inappropriate submissions.

Q: Is there a deadline for taking the survey or submitting the questionnaire?

A: No. We are planning for this to be an ongoing project, and we welcome submissions any time. We hope you'll tell your friends and family about it. If we ever decide to publish a book, we'll have to establish a deadline for items to be included in the book, but we will continue to accept submissions afterwards too.

If you could pass on your most treasured or meaningful wisdom or advice to someone you love, what would it be? 

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