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I am always interested in considering quality articles that are fresh, original, and appropriate for my blog's theme. They must provide value to my readers and help them strengthen one or more of the core life connections (see details below). Preference will be given to someone with expertise in one of those areas, someone I can call a Connection Messenger. The article you submit does not have to be unique to my site, so you may use—or repurpose—something you've written before.

My requirements and guidelines are:

  • The post must be aimed at helping readers strengthen their ability to make one of following connections essential for happiness and success: Connection with Self, Connection with Others, Connection with God/Source, or Connection with Nature and the Natural World. I am also interested in general articles about the importance of Connection and articles that will help readers be better at writing personal notes and letters.
  • All articles are subject to proofreading and editing, but I would make sure you approved edits first.
  • All articles must be accompanied by a short bio (with links — website, social media links, etc. — and contact information) and a quality digital photo of the author (exceptions may be made to the photo requirement)
  • Photos to illustrate or accompany the article are appreciated. If you visit Heartspoken ( , you'll see that I use post photos. I need photo credit information for any image you send (other than the author photo).
  • Ideal length for articles is 350-1000 words, but if you can convey your great idea in fewer words — or need more — we can discuss. Often a very long article can work better as a series, and I would consider a series of related articles.
  • Crude language and adult content will not be considered.
  • Submission does not guarantee publication. I retain the right to select those submissions that reflect the highest quality and content.
  • Guest post authors retain all rights to their content for future use.
  • If your piece is published, I would appreciate your promotion of your guest post at to your own constituents.
If you have ideas for other types of collaboration, I'm always happy to discuss. Call, use the contact form or email me at elizabethc (at) heartspoken (dot) com.

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