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holding puzzle in skyIs this you?

  • Are you a seasoned woman (50+ years old)?
  • Have you been forced—by choice or by fate—to change directions or shift gears? The most common examples are divorce, empty nest, death of a spouse or loved one, and retirement.
  • Do you feel stuck or floundering?
  • Do you wonder how to make your life count with whatever time you have left?
  • Do you feel unfulfilled or just restless?

These situations and feelings are typical of intelligent, vibrant women who, for one reason or another, are at a crossroads in their life. You feel like you're missing some pieces of your puzzle. I've been there, and while I was finding my way, I came to a critical insight: everything important to me—everything that had contributed to my happiness or success in life—was the result of one or another of life's four essential connections: 1) with self, 2) with God, 3) with others, and 4) with nature. When I drilled down to focus on these four connections, I was able to find peace, clarity and inspiration. In sharing these discoveries with others through this Heartspoken.com blog, I have come to realize that others resonate with this and are helped by what I've learned.

You might need Connection Coaching!

I'm neither a certified coach nor a trained counselor, but I'm a natural Connector, and I have good instincts about connecting effectively with others. Nothing would make me happier than to connect you with resources, tools, and insights you need to feel happier or more successful. I'm well-educated, and I've worn many different hats, each one giving me experience and life lessons I'm ready to share: business woman, community leader, nonprofit leader, writer, researcher,  banker, big sister, mother, wife, and friend. I've been involved in many aspects of small and home-based business.

That all translates to having knowledge that others need from time to time. Not infrequently, someone will approach me and say, “I know you're busy, but could you help me with _____________? Of course I want to pay you.” I've decided serving others the way I want should include offering my services as connection coach.

Whether you're nervous about being on the precipice of a new venture, feeling stuck and rudderless, or contemplating what you want to do with the rest of your life, an investment in connection coaching can be so valuable. To provide you with the most targeted, customized help, it needs to be open and flexible. Sometimes you need specific and strategic guidance. Other times, you just need a sounding board and encouragement coach.

I'd be honored to work with you.

Whether your needs are short term or longer term, an investment of outside perspective may be the best kind of investment for your sense of fulfillment and purpose.

Free introductory 30-minute phone consultation

You won't know whether coaching or mentoring could help you unless we talk and I understand more about your situation. If I believe someone else can help you more than I can—and that will often be the case—and I'll tell you. I'm blessed with many friends and colleagues who have very specific areas of expertise, and I'd be so happy to refer you to them.

You may have cost concerns, or you may prefer the predictability of working with me on a retainer with well-defined tasks. Whatever your situation, let's talk with no obligation to you. Call 540-436-3969 today for an appointment (9-5 Eastern time zone). 

What would we do together?

For my Heartspoken friends and clients, I'm shining the spotlight on what you might need in the way of personal growth and development. I call it Connection Coaching.

  • This always starts with listening to my clients. Often just by telling me about their situation, frustrations, and pain points, clients have had insights and breakthroughs. This might be all you need to get unstuck.
  • Exercises and brainstorming to clarify priorities and skills assessment.
  • Discussion about where you are on a whole health spectrum and what areas might need work.
  • I'll help you narrow down competing priorities and identify one or two places to concentrate your focus
  • Together, we'll come up with an action plan and a reasonable way to measure accomplishment and progress.
  • Throughout, I'll recommend books, courses, experts, and practices that seem appropriate to your situation.
If you're looking for small business coaching or help with WordPress websites, social media, or online visibility, you'll find details about those services I provide through my sister website SmallBizSpoken.com.  
Photo credit: “Holding Puzzle In Sky” by 2jenn via Dollar Photo Club

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