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From the standpoint of daily life, however, there is one thing we do know: That we are here for the sake of others…. Albert Einstein

Five Secrets To Connecting With Almost Anyone

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“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends & Influence People I’m not a connection expert; I’m a connection curator. Just because I study a great deal to learn what’s […]

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Can You Separate The Threads Of Life’s Essential Connections?

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This almost became a Christian blog Until I recently established an editorial schedule of writing about each of the four essential life connections at least twice a month, I found myself gravitating towards writing about my spiritual journey more often than any other topic. Blog gurus suggest the more clearly you define your niche, the […]

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Connection Protects Us From Comparison, Scarcity, and Shame

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I am a big fan of Dr. Brené Brown—author, speaker, teacher, and shame researcher—because she is helping us all realize how to set ourselves free. Free from: the tyranny of “shoulds,” the dangers of comparing ourselves with others when we’re imperfect and we’re enough, the waste of harboring a scarcity mentality when there is abundance all […]

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You’re Awake…You’re Awesome…Live Like It!

Kid President’s words of wisdom to a newborn This young man will make your day in his advice to anyone who’s new to this world. If you ever find as much great wisdom packed into four short minutes, please let me know! It was hard to pick just one piece of it for the title. […]

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Should Christians Forgive AND Forget?

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We’re commanded to forgive those who trespass against us Since the beginning of God’s relationship with mankind, God has spoken through his prophets about forgiveness of our sins. The Lord our God is merciful and forgiving, even though we have rebelled against him. (Daniel 9:9) “Come now, let us reason together,” says the LORD. “Though your sins […]

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If You’re In A Shell, You’re Not Alone…

Do you feel alone and isolated? Never think you’re alone, even if it feels that way. Never underestimate yourself just because you’re not an extrovert. The world needs your light, just as it needs the light of this video’s subject, Harry Shum, Jr.. Let your light shine! Have you struggled with being shy? What has helped […]

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Deliver This After I’m Gone: Why Write Posthumous Notes To Loved Ones?

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Welcome to my guest Debbie Gruber, founder of Heart Writing. Her story—and her business—take a fascinating approach to connection and the writing of personal handwritten notes. I believe it’s worth your consideration. —————————————————— Why send a message for delivery after you’re gone? At first glance, it’s easy to dismiss the value of posthumous notes.  To […]

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It’s National Handwriting Day — Reach Out And Touch Someone

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John Hancock remembered John Hancock, one of the original signers of the Declaration of Independence, is known primarily for his fancy signature on the document. National Handwriting Day is celebrated each year on January 23,  Hancock’s birthday. The day was founded in 1977 by the Writing Instrument manufacturers Association (WIMA) to celebrate the pleasure and […]

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Peter Walsh’s Tip For Decluttering Your Guilt Box: Get Back In Touch…Today!

You know who they are. They come to your mind from time to time. You get the nudge to call, write, or contact them in some way. Don’t put it off. Do it today and you’ll feel lighter and happier. I guarantee they will too. How do you encourage yourself to take action when you […]

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Brené Brown’s antidote to “I’m Never Good Enough!”

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In searching for information about Connection a year or two ago, I was happily introduced to the work of Dr. Brené Brown, who calls herself a vulnerability researcher or a shame researcher. At first I thought it was an odd topic, but as I listened to her TED talks (2010 talk on vulnerability and 2012 […]

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The Christmas Scale

Where you put the pauses can make all the difference, in music and in life… I wish you the most blessed Christmas!

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The Thrill Of The Unexpected Gift

I can’t deny it…I LOVE heart-warming books, movies, and videos. This one took me completely by surprise, and while it may not be possible for most of us to pull off this amazing act of surprise generosity that WestJet did, it’s a wonderful reminder that unexpected gifts of kindness and generosity are often the most […]

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What We Say Makes A Difference

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I am 63 years old, and I am still astounded at the pleasure—and yes, the pain—that can come as a result of someone’s words, often quickly or casually said. The ones that give me pleasure are like a ray of sunshine and instant euphoria: I cleaned out my desk this weekend, and you wouldn’t believe […]

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Thanksgiving in my heart and on my mind

THANKSGIVING DAY: Sometimes a song expresses what’s in my heart more perfectly than I can do myself. “Thanksgiving Song,” written and sung by Mary Chapin Carpenter, does just that. I hope wherever you are today, and whatever you’re doing, your heart is filled with gratitude and joy. As I count my blessings, you readers of […]

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CONNECTION SPOTLIGHT: The Cup Song From “Pitch Perfect”

What a thrill to learn from Dr. Brené Brown’s blog last week about this marvelous video of the Cups song—sung in Gaelic—from the film “Pitch Perfect,” performed by the young people and staff of Irish college Coláiste Lurgan. It’s the perfect thing to feature as a “Connection Spotlight,” because the connections explode on so many levels: the haunting […]

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The Imperative To Forgive

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Today (Sunday, August 4, 2013) is International Forgiveness Day. While I’m all for shining a spotlight on such a worthy effort, don’t you think every day should be Forgiveness Day? The act of forgiveness is a cornerstone principle of Christianity and other great religions. It certainly was a direct command from Jesus Christ: Then Peter came […]

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Too busy to write personal notes?

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Believe me, I understand what it means to be busy. It’s a reality of modern life, and the cultural pressures for us to strive for super-achiever status can be overwhelming unless we’re clear about our priorities. I’m very clear that one of the reasons I was put on this earth is to encourage and connect […]

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For Mothers Everywhere…

In anticipation of Mother’s Day on May 12, my talented friend, Annette Petrick, has recorded a wonderful tribute to mothers as part of her inspiring Consider This radio series. It’s only a minute and a half. Take a break, click this link, and enjoy: Mother’s Day Tribute Annette has put together some of her favorite […]

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Words, Words, Words

I’m honored to be a guest this morning on Karen R. Sanderson’s The Word Shark blog as part of her “Words, Words, Words Week.” My guest post is called “Words, words, words: tools for touching hearts and lives.” It was wonderful to reflect on letters and notes I’ve received in the past and to be […]

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You Are Your Words

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It’s not often I read an article/essay and get excited by the pure pleasure of the way the words are put together. That was my happy experience this morning in reading Shawn MacKenzie’s amazing contribution entitled “You Are Your Words” to Karen R. Sanderson’s “Words, Words, Words Week” on her Word Shark blog. Every paragraph, it […]

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