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Gratitude’s Ripple Effect

My guest, Connection Messenger* Annette Petrick was inspired for this show by one of my favorite topics—gratitude. Use the audio player above to listen to her 90-second episode. Annette gives a little back story below.  Being thankful brings joy into your life. Ask...

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What’s The Best Gift?

I believe the best Christmas gifts I've ever gotten were the handmade (or personally selected) gifts from my children when they were small. My guest, Connection Messenger* Annette Petrick reflects on what can make some gifts so special -- often, it's the way they make...

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Loving Our Adult Children

Many of you have grown children, and you know how fragile those relationships can sometimes be. One thing for sure—the fierce love you felt for them as children never goes away, and the "Mama Bear" instinct in me still rears up if I ever get the notion that one of my...

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Thank God For My Sisters

NOTE FROM ELIZABETH: I am blessed to have a flesh-and-blood sister whom I love ferociously and trust with the deepest secrets of my heart. But if we're lucky, there are other women who are like soul sisters to us when we need them the most. In this beautiful...

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At Heartspoken, a Connection Messenger is someone who helps point the way to strengthening life's essential connections: with God, with self, with others, and with nature. Please use our Contact Form to share with us those people, books, courses, or resources that have been Connection Messengers for you.

Are YOU a Connection Messenger?

If you have some expertise that could help my readers strengthen one of the essential connections in their life -- with self, with others, with God, or with Nature -- pitch me your idea and why you are qualified to write about it and be considered a Connection Messenger. Here are my contributor guidelines: http://www.heartspoken.com/contributor-guidelines.

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