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Turning 60, for me, was a bit of a watershed. I didn't mind, really…I've loved every stage of my life, but there's something about the fact that I'm closer to the end than the beginning that caused me to pull myself up by the bootstraps and ask myself what I wanted to do with the rest of my life–however long that might be–to make it really count. This contemplation led to a reinvention of myself as a “Connection Coach” and to Heartspoken.com. I'm on a mission to help others strengthen the connections in their lives that mean most to them. I believe anyone can learn to be a better Connector and that this skill contributes significantly to success and happiness.

Connection Matters!

I know that Connection matters every time I look in someone's eyes and share their pain or joy; every time someone lights up when they are noticed or complimented; every time a business introduction becomes a win-win; every time I meditate on the awesomeness of Creation and my part in it; every time I stop long enough to feel the breeze, smell the fragrant spring blossoms, dig in the earth and feel Nature’s touch; every time I think about the richness that others have brought into my life. Oh yes, Connection matters.

Thinking about Connection started a chain reaction of contemplations, questions, and searching. I became convinced that being a “people person” is not a prerequisite to being effective at making meaningful connections. ANYONE who has a desire to be more intentional and awake to their potential to connect with others has touched on the power to change lives through authentic interaction. All they need is the right inspiration, information, tools, action-steps and guidance to turn desire into action.

From this insight, Heartspoken was born, a project grounded in a commitment to exploring, understanding, and strengthening four of life's connections that have been essential to me…to God/Source, to others, to self, and to nature. You'll also find a category called “Notewriting.” I believe a personal handwritten note is one of the most effective connection tools at our disposal, and I'm committed to helping people become more avid and more confident in their note writing.

I've written more about my thoughts on what a Heartspoken attitude is in this post: “My Attitude Informs My Actions.” 

My desire to strengthen these connections in my own life has led me to share what I learn with others. Heartspoken will explore its message of genuine and enlightened connectivity through our blog, courses, books, seminars and Connection Messengers[1. See definition of “Connection Messenger” in the sidebar] who understand that the way to a better world and more joyful, abundant living is through the quality of the connections and relationships we make. They speak from the heart to illuminate your way.

Elizabeth Herbert Cottrell

I couldn't run this site or my business alone! Check out my page about the people who make me look good: HERE

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Besides being Founder and Chief Connector/Encourager of Heartspoken.com, my company RiverwoodWriter, LLC, has its own URL:

  • RiverwoodWriter.com: CONNECT • CREATE • COMMUNICATE: Freelance writing, blogging, and digital publishing services; support for writers and authors. Get on this list if you'd like updated information on related topics.

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