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NOTE FROM ELIZABETH: I am blessed to have a flesh-and-blood sister whom I love ferociously and trust with the deepest secrets of my heart. But if we're lucky, there are other women who are like soul sisters to us when we need them the most. In this beautiful recording, Connection Messenger* Annette Petrick reflects on those special people who are fellow wayfinders. If you're fortunate enough to have someone like this in your life, reach out and let them know how much they mean to you!

Use the audio player above to listen to this 90-second show. Annette gives a little back story below. 

This is a tribute to the women who have come into our lives and taken over space in our hearts. I call them all “sisters.” They are the ones who never ask if you need something. They KNOW what you need or at least what to do.  They are there to celebrate with you and weep with you. Just as important, they know you will be there for them as well. Listen to the story about sisters and consider who in your life deserves this esteemed title. 



Annette Petrick for Consider This

Annette Petrick

Annette Petrick is a woman with a big heart and bigger talent. Her Consider This Radio Show features dozens of colorful 90-second episodes, inspiring her listeners with “timely perspectives on life, love, friends, family, giving back, and giving thanks.” Click HERE to receive a new episode every Sunday morning.


* What's a Connection Messenger? At Heartspoken, a Connection Messenger is someone who helps point the way to strengthening one of life's essential connections: with God, with self, with others, or with nature. 


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