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How many signs from God do we miss because they weren't what we expected? My guest Annette Petrick shares a powerful story. She and I hope it will help you hear God's voice and feel God's touch much more often. Use the audio player above to listen to this 90-second show…here's what Annette said about this episode: 

I wanted to write about God’s answers to prayers. Such a mysterious, debatable and illusive subject. Can those who pray actually receive a direct response to their request? We’ve all heard tales in which they did.  There is even a movie out, “Miracles from Heaven,” based on a true story about direct divine intervention.  

In my research, I came across a post online somewhere about the man who challenged God to answer his prayers, and missed the celestial responses surrounding him. I couldn’t find a source to credit, but the concept moved me and resulted in this rendition of the story, with a Consider This twist at the end. 



Annette Petrick for Consider This

Annette Petrick

Annette Petrick is the creative genius and inspired storyteller behind the Consider This Radio Show, featuring 90-second episodes serving up “timely perspectives on life, love, friends, family, giving back, and giving thanks.” Be sure to get on her email list HERE. She sends out a new 90-second episode every Sunday morning.

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