Connection Messengers: Matthew Lyon and Christine Dickinson… “Earthpassage”

My friend Mimi Meredith sent me a beautiful gift last winter to thank me for being part of her blog community. It was a wonderful CD called “Quiet Paths: Journeys Through the Forest,” by Matthew Lyon and Christine Dickinson. As soon as I heard it, I was transported by their exquisite music into the peace, calm, and beauty of a forest, and I knew that I would one day invite these talented musicians to become “Connection Messengers” for, because their music is inspired by a deep spiritual connection with natural beauty.

Happily that day is here, and I am offering some of their CDs in the Heartspoken Gifts section of this site. I want to share a bit about these talented musicians from the words on their own website:

“Christine Dickinson's music is born out of her unique heritage as a fourth-generation Montanan, a daughter of the mountains and plains of her beloved homeland. Raised in a household where classical music shared equal time with Methodist hymns, she learned to play the piano from her mother, a homesteader's daughter.

I learned early on that music was a way to bring the sacred into the everyday world, to find the hidden beauty waiting at the heart of the most ordinary experiences.” Click here for more information on Christine Dickinson.

“Multi-instrumentalist Matthew Lyon has been a composer since childhood, when he started teaching himself the wide array of instruments he plays today. Equally at home playing an Celtic harp or using a computer for sound-design, Lyon strives to bridge the worlds of art, technology and spirit.

I try to bring a sense of the inner landscapes and emotions that linger in the memories of an experience. The studio itself becomes an instrument in this quest, a garden where we grow music from the seeds of our travels through this land…Click here for more information about Matthew Lyon.

Click here to shop products by Earthpassage.

Music is a powerful connection tool, and its special gift transcends the boundaries of those who created it to resonate and enrich those who hear it.

Please share music that has connected you with something important: Nature, God, yourself, or others.

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