This is a short, oddball post, but I couldn't resist sharing this 5-minute video from Dole about how they harvest fresh bananas from the tree and ship them to market. I had no idea about most of this and found it fascinating.

“But, Elizabeth,” you might ask, “What the heck does this have to do with Connection?”

I'm so glad you asked!

The more we know about our natural world—including how the foods we eat are grown, harvested, and brought to market—the more conscious we become of how connected we are to all other living things in the web of life. This knowledge also helps us make healthier choices as consumers. The expression “Knowledge is power” is certainly true when it comes to knowing exactly what we're choosing to feed our families.

I love the farm-to-table movement, and believe it's healthier to eat foods that are grown as close to home as possible, to eliminate things being picked too soon or sprayed with too much pesticide or preservative. This film doesn't talk about it, but the green bananas (from Costa Rica in this video) are stored in special warehouses near their destination and treated with a ripening agent before shipment to ensure they arrive at the grocery store at the right stage of ripeness.

I'll bet the native Costa Ricans enjoy a spectacular banana taste treat since they can let the fruit on their backyard tree get ripe right before they pick and eat it.

Do you try to eat locally grown foods, or is it just too much trouble or too expensive?

Photo credit: “Bananas” by Olaf Speier


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