Morning walk, early September

As I walk this morning in early September, I notice lots of changes on the roadside, in the woods, and in the gardens of my neighbors as I pass.

They're all rather messy!

The roadsides have lost the beautiful blooms of earlier in the summer. The blossoms are shriveled and brown, as are many of the leaves. In fact going to seed is the order of the day. I'm seeing lots of fallen leaves already, and because of the drought, many leaves are turning straight to brown without displaying the lovely shades of yellow or red we look for in the fall. In the gardens, most of the vegetable plants have finished bearing their produce, and weeds have taken over or, in some cases, everything has already been plowed up, ready for spring planting after a winter of rest.

Changing seasons is a messy time.

This happens in real life too…

It occurs to me the seasons of our lives often get a little messy too as we transition from one to another: from childhood to adulthood, from high school to college, from single to married, from married to divorced or widowed, from young to middle-aged to old.

Change is hard. Painful. Scary.

There's no getting around that, but thankfully nature gives us a wonderful story that doesn't end with deterioration and death. There is always another season, another renewal, another day.

This reflection, of course, encompasses my faith in a life after death. It's a mystery, to be sure. I have no idea what form it will take or what it will look like, but I believe that our souls do not die, and therefore there is always hope.

Should we take action or wait?

Sometimes during these messy times of our lives, we are called to take action. But sometimes we are called to wait, and waiting can be the hardest part of all!

No matter what is going on in your life, you're always called to take care of your most precious asset—you!

Whatever season you're in right now, however dark the road may seem right this moment, consider the seasons of nature and know with absolute certainty that just beyond the clouds, the sun is shining.
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