One of my favorite blogs is A Greater Gorgeous, written by my cousin, Susannah Thomson Craft, a licensed hairstylist and makeup artist in Richmond, Virginia. She does a marvelous job of integrating principles of inner beauty while she's teaching secrets of outer beauty.

So many women today seem to be learning critical life lessons earlier than I did when I was that age, and Susannah wrote a beautiful post recently that I'm shining a spotlight on today for its powerful message about connecting with ourselves:

“Five Essential Tools For Self Love”

She grabbed me with her first line: “Three years ago, I was a woman who was daily disappointed with her body.”

If I asked you to raise your hand if you, at any time in your life, identified with that statement, I daresay I'd see quite a few raised high, and some of you would be waving them frantically in recognition of this sentiment. I still don't like my body, but in my sixth decade of life, I'm trying to feel more tenderly towards it and take better care of it. It is, after all the only one I'm going to get!

Head on over to Susannah's blog (CLICK HERE) and read this refreshing post that offers five simple, practical tools to use for enhancing your compassion for yourself. Share it with anyone you think might enjoy it. Then download her free page of affirmations to use on those days when you need help thinking of something nice to say about yourself.

Self love and self care are not selfish

I've written about this before (See “Self Is Not A Dirty Word” and “Are You Kind To Yourself?”). [tweetthis remove_hidden_hashtags=”true”]We must let go of the notion that it is somehow selfish to take care of ourselves.[/tweetthis] In fact, it's essential, not only to our own well-being, but also to our ability to reach out to others from a position of strength and love.

Start today and add a sixth tool

  • Read Susannah's wonderful article and learn about five essential tools for self love.
  • While you're there, download her free affirmations to remind yourself how lovely you are.
  • Make up your mind to start a journey of self love, beginning where you are with whatever baby steps you need to take.
  • Add a sixth tool to Susannah's five: Practice gratitude for your self, your body, your assets, and your abilities. Give thanks, even when you don't feel thankful. [tweetthis]Gratitude is a powerful practice.[/tweetthis]

What tools have you found to cultivate self love, self care, and self confidence? Please share in the comments below.

Photo credit: Title photo courtesy of A Greater Gorgeous blog, used with permission.
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