I'm not alone in my love of handwriting!

I had no idea there was an organization dedicated to preserving penmanship and handwriting in the world: IAMPETH, the International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting. I was so excited and impressed to learn about them from the video below (thank you Sandra Charles, innkeeper at Lackawanna Bed & Breakfast, for sharing it on Facebook) that I joined right away, simply to cast my lot with others who share my passion for the handwritten word. The level of penmanship represented by a master penman, however, is on an entirely different plane than that of a simple note writer.

Master penmen: a rare and small group of artists

There are currently twelve master penmen in the world. Jake Weidmann is the youngest.

“Jake's unique. His skill is among the highest of any living penmen I know of today,” says Michael, IAMPETH Director, in the fascinating video below.

Both Jake and Michael are students of Platt Rogers Spencer, the creator of American penmanship (specifically Spencerian penmanship). According to Jake, Spencer took his inspiration from nature, and I loved discovering yet another beautiful connection between connections.

Jake feels strongly about the importance of teaching children to write with pen and paper and the long-range impact that will have on our culture and civilization. “We're abdicating so much of what we're learning and retaining, not to our own memories but to the memories of our computers and other devices. By doing the different tactile movements of forming the individual letters and linking those letters one to another, and then putting those words into the context of a sentence, you're actually engraining the information in your brain.”

Michael agrees: “If you don't teach your child handwriting, the thought that they develop when they wish to communicate through a computer will vanish as soon as they touch the keyboard.”

Jake Weidmann wants more young people to fall in love with writing by hand! I am proud to share this video about Jake and his work, and I hope you'll find it as fascinating as I did.

If you haven't felt the pleasure of writing by hand lately, I suggest you splurge on a quality fountain pen and some excellent writing paper. It makes all the difference in the world! Here's the Waterman Charleston Fountain Pen I use (mine is ivory-colored, and I prefer the medium nib).

And I love my Carlson Craft imprinted stationery. The paper stock is rich and wonderful for writing with a fountain pen.

<center>Personalized Stationery from Carlson Craft</center>

Personalized Stationery from Carlson Craft

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More about personal note writing

I write often about writing personal handwritten notes and try to encourage others to use this powerful connection tool more often. CLICK HERE and scroll down to find my past articles in this topic. And please join my Facebook group Revive the art of personal note writing!


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