What is a Passion Project?

The 30-Day Passion Project is a brainchild of Laura West, founder of The Center For Joyful Business, creative business coach, author, and speaker. Laura is the co-leader of my mastermind group and is creative director at the group’s retreats. She is a dynamic and talented woman. She has a gift for pulling the best out of her students, and these 30-day passion projects are a fabulous way to get access to Laura without paying her normal consulting fees.

I’ve done three of these great 30-Day Passion Project events over the last couple of years, and they are a great way to “bring your heart and head together” when it comes to your business or that creative project you’ve been dreaming about:

  • writing a book?
  • shooting a video?
  • finishing a project?
  • promoting a mission?
  • starting a nonprofit?
  • decluttering your office?
  • finishing that scrapbook?
  • turning those blog posts into an ebook?
  • selecting the photos for that photo album?
  • writing personal notes to the special people in your life?
  • finding all the poems on your computer and making them into a book?

In fact, when you visit the information page for the 30-Day Passion Project, you can scroll down and see my personal testimony about its value to me.

Laura West

The next 30-Day Passion Project starts September 8, 2015

The regular price is $147, but until September 3, 2015, it’s only $97 for 30 days of turning an idea into a reality.

So what project has been on your back burner but makes you light up inside every time you think about it? I found the 30-Day Passion Project to be the perfect balance of inspiration and accountability, and it was a way for me to focus and take action without the expense of hiring a coach or mentor.

Not only did I get to know Laura West and benefit from her valuable help and insights, but I also found the other class participants to be supportive in giving honest feedback. Many of them have remained friends and business associates.

Learn more today about the 30-Day-Passion Project. I highly recommend it. If the timing’s not right, you can get on her list for the next time she runs the event.

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