I've been meaning to write a series of blog posts that encourage readers to explore their attitudes about money—their money mindset, if you will—and the impact money has on their relationship with others. Money is often at the root of family strife, marital disagreements, sibling rivalries, and intergenerational greed. Seen through the lens of Connection, I believe it's important to understand and come to grips with our own attitudes about money, without sugar-coating or rationalization.

So when I learned about a movie called SPENT being made here in our area with local talent, I was fascinated to learn it is a dark comedy that looks at the ridiculous ways money is spent and explores what good just a little bit of money can do.

SPENT is a Farce Noir/Dark Comedy that hearkens back to the 40s and 50s and that great era of film-making.  My friend Lisa Mikitarian, whose book Her Safari: Snapshots Along The Way I reviewed awhile back, wrote the screenplay and will be directing it. She reports, “We have an incredible cinematographer, David Doko, shooting the film for us in black and white.  He's also a colorist and will put touches of color throughout the film for added drama/effect”

They've got a crowd-sourced fundraiser going on, and I was happy to support this creative endeavor for the reason they so eloquently give on their fundraising site: “Contributing to a film may seem frivolous on the surface, but great stories speak to our humanity and therefore have  value.  We hope you see this project as having value.”

Won't you join me in supporting this creative endeavor? CLICK HERE or on the picture below to see the promo video and get more information and details on the plot.

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