Black woman in wheelchair

God uses us wherever we are

Inspired by a song of praise

I heard a rich, melodious contralto voice the moment I got out of the car at my aunt's nursing home about 8:30 yesterday morning. From her wheelchair, a black woman's song of praise to God filled the morning air from where she sat, just outside the facility's doors, and lifted the spirits of all who heard it. I stopped beside her to enjoy the moment.

When she finished, she looked towards me and smiled. I asked if I might sing “Amazing Grace” with her, and without a spoken word or hesitation, she led us in that hauntingly beautiful spiritual (See also: “We Are All Connected By God's Amazing Grace”.).

We had barely begun to sing when the nursing home doors opened behind us, and out came two well-dressed funeral home attendants pushing a gurney on which lay the covered body of a resident who had died during the night. My new friend and I kept singing as they slid their precious cargo into the waiting hearse. We finished just as they were closing the back doors, and I said, mostly to myself, “Oh my, I had no idea how appropriate that song would be.” One of the gentlemen from the funeral home smiled warmly and replied, “Indeed it was!”

God uses us

Just before I went inside, I touched the singer on the arm and thanked her for letting God use her that morning. As she looked up at me, I realized she was blind.

I'd like to think God also used me in a small way that day—perhaps to encourage that faithful singer, or perhaps to send someone winging their way to heaven on a holy song.

But on reflection, I believe the lesson for me was to remind me that God uses all of us any time, anywhere, and in surprising ways…if we place ourselves in His care.

Wherever we are…

Some folks who have lost their sight and their ability to walk might curl up and wallow in self pity or feelings of unworthiness.

But not this faithful woman.

From exactly where she was, she lifted her voice in praise to her God, and in so doing, she inspired me to do the same.

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