I can certainly remember words spoken to me by adults when I was a child. Most were warm and encouraging. Some not so much. My guest  and Connection Messenger * Annette Petrick, creator and host of the Consider This Radio Show, reminds us how much of an impact our words can have, even years later. Use the audio player above to listen to this 90-second show…or enjoy reading the transcript below. 

My guy and I were just reminiscing about childhood. We were sharing incidents we still remember, half a century later. Why do certain things stick out so?

He recalled a 7th grade teacher who showed him how to study and the benefits of learning. OK. That was a game changer. But we also each recalled tiny incidents that should have been long forgotten, but were not.

My mom was rushed to finish a frock she was sewing for me. I was 8 years old. She put the dress on me to sew the final stitches, decided she didn’t have time and said she was going to hold the last stitch together with a safety pin. In her hurry, she stuck the pin right into me. It hurt – but not THAT much. Why do I still remember that silly incident? I’ve mentioned before the green imitation leather shoulder bag given to me by my aunt. It was an absolute treasure, because it was woman size, when I had to grow quite a bit to get to that stage. I identified her as the first person in the world who realized that I was growing up and no longer a kid – even if the shoulder bag did hang down to my knees when I wore it.

Realize that YOU are making impressions like that on the young people in your life. You are saying things, and sharing experiences that people will remember a half century later. Be sure that what they remember is something good – or at least something funny.



Annette Petrick is the creative genius and inspired storyteller behind the Consider This Radio Show, featuring 90-second episodes serving up “timely perspectives on life, love, friends, family, giving back, and giving thanks.” Be sure to get on her email list HERE. She sends out a new 90-second episode every Sunday morning.

This post appeared originally on the Consider This Radio Show website, and I'm so grateful to Annette for sharing her wonderful reflections with Heartspoken readers.


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* What's a Connection Messenger? At Heartspoken, a Connection Messenger is someone who helps point the way to strengthening life's essential connections: with God, with self, with others, or with nature.

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