woman saying a prayer in brokenness

One of my favorite books of prayers is Celtic Daily Prayer: Prayers and Readings from the Northumbria Community. The prayers and meditations are based on ancient Christian traditions, and they reflect powerfully and beautifully the ebb and flow of life and all its challenges. It includes two sets of daily readings as well as many wonderful prayers for special occasions or times of special need.

If you have ever been broken, hurt, or in despair—perhaps you made a terrible mistake or perhaps circumstances occurred that were completely out of your control—this prayer may offer solace. Clearly the writer of this prayer was calling out to God from a dark place, yet it reflects faith and hope in forgiveness and renewal.

A Prayer In Brokenness

O God,
I cannot undo the past,
or make it never have happened!
—neither can You. There are some things
that are not possible even for You
—but not many!

I ask You,
and from the bottom of my heart:
Please, God,
would You write straight
with my crooked lines?
Out of the serious mistakes of my life
will You make something beautiful for You?

Teach me to live at peace with You,
to make peace with others
and even with myself.

Give me fresh vision. Let me
experience Your love so deeply
that I am free to
face the future with a steady eye,
and strong in hope.

Do you find that times of brokenness and despair bring you closer to God, or are these times for you when God seems conspicuously absent? There's no right or wrong answer to that question, and it may vary at different moments in your life. Even the most devout Christians speak of times in their life when God seems far away.

What's important, I believe, is to keep talking, keep believing, and keep asking for what we all really need the most: love and forgiveness.

Add this beautiful book to your collection by clicking the icon below. I've reviewed it in more detail HERE. 

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