As much as I am fascinated by all the ways we connect meaningfully with each other in life, I can't deny there is both healthy connection and dangerous connection. Watch this short (under 2-1/2 minutes) video of a fascinating experiment done in Belgium with a so-called clairvoyant who tells his clients incredibly personal and private things that he should have no way of knowing. Stick with it to the end to discover the secret to his amazing ability to “read the minds” of his clients.

I am not naive when it comes to the need for personal and cybersecurity. I am careful to make sure the security settings of all my social media profiles are set sensibly. But I order things online with credit cards and I have paid bills online. My safety is only as secure as the security of the financial institutions or retailers I'm using, and we've all heard the horror stories about successful hacking into well-known business and government websites.

I don't know what the answer is, but if you're active online, I just beg you to be careful. Identity theft protection, once an extra expense that seemed unnecessary, may be increasingly important. How do YOU protect yourself from personal information getting into the wrong hands?

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