I went to a Christmas party for our amateur radio club this past weekend. As I was getting dressed, I remembered to put on a necklace one of the other club members and his wife had given me a couple of years ago. Their daughter had made it and embossed it with my ham radio call sign. When I walked in, the wife lit up with pleasure at seeing me wear it. I was surprised how much it seemed to mean to her that I had it on.

But I shouldn't have been surprised.

As I think about her reaction, I remember so many small, thoughtful gestures, comments, and actions by friends, family, or even strangers that have touched me and made such a difference in my life. And I think about the things I've done that others have seemed touched by. More often than not, these are little things:

  • A phone call to see if I was okay or thanking me for something I'd done or said
  • A note in the mail expressing encouragement or gratitude
  • A hand on my shoulder for a job well done
  • A thermos of coffee when my electricity had been out all night
  • Kindnesses to my children
  • My husband holding me without words when I need to cry
  • A “May I help you?” from a stranger when I was lost or confused about where to go
  • A book or movie recommendation because someone knew me well enough to think I'd love them
  • An offer of help from a man in the metro station when he saw me struggling with my bag

Widows are touched when you remember them on the anniversary of their husband's death. Those who've lost pets appreciate a card as much as someone who has lost a family member.

Little things matter more than we realize.

It's so easy to ignore those little nudges of Spirit whispering a suggestion to do something that might seem—at the time—a little random, a little inconvenient, too small to matter.

But little things DO matter.

They matter a lot. They make a difference in someone else's life, and what better legacy can we leave than one of making a difference?

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