Earlier this month, I joined the Writing About Writing blog tour after being invited by Sor'a Garrett, creator of The Shine Connection blog. Part of the process is getting to invite three other bloggers to join the tour and introduce them to my readers. On Monday, I introduced you to Karen R. Sanderson, “The Word Shark.” Today I'm happy to introduce Lisa Mikitarian of LisaMikitarian.com and April Moore of The Earth Connection. Both are Shenandoah County writers, and I'm proud to know them.

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Lisa Mikitarian

Lisa Mikitarian of LisaMikitarian.com 

Lisa's reflections on life, love, loss, and faith are a breath of fresh air in the blogosphere. Her delightful bio (“Who does Lisa think she is”) cannot be summarized. Just go and enjoy. She is an unabashed Christian who manages to let you know that without “wearing her religion on her sleeve.”

Earlier posts were done with her daughter Maddie (together they were the Mik Chiks). The posts deliver “offbeat advice for everyday conundrums.” Get ready to smile…and think…and learn.

Lisa's first book Her Safari: Snapshots Along the Way was an absolutely wonderful collection of short stories that I highly commend to you. I wrote a review of that book before I had gotten to know Lisa, and I'm happy to report that she's just as lovely, intelligent, spiritually curious, and honest as she seems from her blog. She's currently working on another book, and I can't wait.

Enjoy Lisa's post—“Writing about Writing Blog tour”—on her blog as she takes us into her writer's world and shares the answers to questions about her writing.

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April Moore

April Moore of The Earth Connection blog

In April's own words, this is what The Earth Connection is all about: “I have created this site because I believe that, in the face of a daily diet of discouraging environmental news, we need, more than ever, the replenishment that nature offers us.  We need to be nourished by the nature we love if we are to be healthy and strong enough to save our marvelous planet.”

She succeeds beautifully, and many of her posts make you feel as though you've walked with her in the beautiful woods that surround her mountain home. She also shares information about important environmental legislation along with environmental public policy successes and failures. I love April's writing, because she shares my appreciation for the connection with nature being truly one of life's essential connections.

April's bio shows exactly why she's the perfect person to write this blog: “The environment is my great passion. I have delighted in nature for as long as I can remember. Many of my moments of greatest spiritual connectedness have been inspired by the natural world.”

She has been an environmental activist for decades, serving on the boards of local and national environmental organizations. Her book The Earth and You: Eating for Two was called “one of the 10 best environmental books of the year” by The Green Consumer Letter.  She consistently strives to incorporate eco-friendly habits into daily living.

April appears often on the pages of Heartspoken. Just type her name into the Search Box in the sidebar and enjoy her contributions or posts in which I've mentioned her.

Be sure to visit April on her blog—“Some Reflections on The Earth Connection”— as she shares her insights about the whys and wherefores of her writing.

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