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Welcome to my guest and friend Annette Petrick, whose Consider This Radio Show has just been re-launched as a brand new website as well as a podcast. Each episode is 90 seconds of inspired wisdom! Click the arrow on the player above to listen to this episode, then CLICK HERE to put your name on the email list to be notified of a new show every Sunday. And head on over to the new website for lots more shows.

Today's episode: Children Grow Up [and so do their parents]

It’s a natural phenomenon; teen agers have the dumbest parents in town. And as time passes and teens grow into adults, those selfsame moms and dads seem to get wiser and more worth emulating.

Funny how that works.

This Consider This show (use audio player above to listen) is about changing relationships between parents and their children—after the children have reached adulthood. The process can be traumatic – or a blessing. It can lead to a family that bonds or one that becomes shattered. Patience and respect may be new concepts for parents to adopt towards those same tikes who used to terrorize the dog or refuse to eat their spinach.

Here are some thoughts about what that relationship could be or become.

Recording session at National Media Services in Front Royal, VA, where Annette's CD is produced.

Annette Petrick is author and presenter of quickly delivered audio messages of hope, joy, gratitude and a distinctive look at life and its ironies. Her medium suits today’s busy schedules. An articulate story teller, she presents fast reminders of what makes life worth living. Her 90-second radio shows, Consider This with Annette Petrick are broadcast daily and now available as a podcast. She presents a refreshing, positive viewpoint wrapped in humor and love. One of her audio short stories is also delivered each Sunday morning via email (CLICK HERE to get on the list and receive a free gift). After a career as writer, nationally recognized speaker and entrepreneur, (Petrick Outsourcing Unlimited, Inc.), Annette continues to reinvent herself for the future. She resides with her fiancé Bill Gentry in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and on Anastasia Island in Florida.

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