It's the fifth Monday of the month, so my editorial calendar calls for a post on notewriting, my favorite connection tool. I thought I'd just share a few of the questions I've gotten recently about notewriting.

Is notewriting the correct spelling?

The person asking this question thought it should be note writing. Since there is no entry of notewriting in my New Oxford American Dictionary, I'm inclined to admit that this person is correct. However, I like thinking of it as one word and have used it that way for so long, I'm going to claim it as my own. So notewriting it will be on at

How many personal notes do you really write?

Not as many as you might think, considering what an evangelist I am for personal handwritten notes. I just counted up 118 personal notes (thank you, sympathy, congratulations, encouragement) since the beginning of the year. That's less than 20 per month and only 4-5 notes a week. I can do better.

Notewriting essential: a record bookHow do you keep track of your correspondence?

I find I have to keep a correspondence record, because sometimes I'll think about writing someone for awhile and then I'll begin to ask myself, “Did I write them or not?” So at the beginning of each year, I just go to an office supply store and buy a little 3-1/2″ x 6-1/2″ spiral calendar book (one week per two-page spread) and enter whenever I mail something. I put bill payments and business correspondence in it too (but I didn't count them as personal notes). Here are snapshots of my book and a typical entry page. “Sym” means it was a sympathy note. “Thnx” means it was a thank you note. “Congrats” means it was a note of congratulations.

My notewriting record book

Do you have a notewriting routine?

I do most of my notewriting in the mornings, but I tend to write in spurts. I may go a whole week without writing a single personal note. Then I'll have a day when I write six or seven notes at one time.  I do keep a running list when I think of someone I want to write, because if I don't do it while I'm thinking about it, I'll forget. There are still many that don't get done.

I keep a basket of notepapers and my favorite fountain pen right next to my chair within easy reach. My daughter and her husband gave me a wonderful Levenger lap board that I use, so I've set things up to make notewriting easy to do.

What are your top notewriting tips?

  • Use a pen and ink you love to write with.
  • Keep personalized stationery or unique notecards on hand that make you feel special every time you write on them.
  • Keep a record of your correspondence.
  • Save well-written notes you've received to give you ideas about what to say.
  • Don't stress about saying just the right thing. The person receiving your note will remember the good feeling it gave them long after they've forgotten exactly what you said.

Why haven't you written to me?

If you'd like me to write you a personal handwritten note, just send me your snail mail address via Heartspoken's Contact Page!

What other notewriting questions do you have? Please leave them in the comments below or come visit us on Facebook.


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