Heartspoken is an attitude…a frame of mind…an inclination of the spirit. I've found that when I can be Heartspoken in the essential connections of my life…Connection with Self, Connection with Others (personal and professional), Connection with Nature, and Connection with God…these connections are nurtured, sweetened, and strengthened.

It's not always easy; it doesn't always come naturally; but after a lifetime of observing what seems to make people successful, happy, and lead meaningful lives, I have come to believe that this Heartspoken attitude—and the authenticity that always accompanies it—are vital ingredients.

Through these blog posts and pages, Heartspoken.com will be a journey to discover how anyone can be more Heartspoken and get better at making these connections. Be sure to use the two forms on the right to sign up now so you'll be notified whenever there's new content and to subscribe to our monthly newsletter. Along the way, with the help of resources and other Connection Messengers [1. See definition of “Connection Messenger” in sidebar], I'll explore ways we can all more fully appreciate and strengthen our own essential connections.

So ditch the regrets, the guilt, the “Tyranny of Shoulds.”[2. Term coined by psychoanalyst Karen Horney] Start fresh today and travel light.

For Yesterday is but a Dream
And Tomorrow is only a Vision;
But Today, well-lived,
Makes every Yesterday a Dream of Happiness,
And every Tomorrow a Vision of Hope.
Look well, therefore, to this Day.

Excerpt from “Exhortation of the Dawn,” author unknown
Cited in Sir William Osler's A Way of Life.

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