I am devouring the work of the late Henri Nouwen, theologian and spiritual teacher. His message in this 8-minute video reminds us that when we ask the question “Who am I?” the answer is not, “I am what I do.” Nor is the answer, “I am what others say about me” nor “I am what I have.” In each of these answers there is a dead end or a combination of circumstances that would make us feel small and worthless, leading only to despair. Henri Nouwen believes these answers to that age-old question are lies.

The answer is “I am a beloved daughter of God.”  And he maintains that the key task of our spiritual journey is “to claim that and live a life based on that knowledge.”

I plan to spend a great deal of meditation time thinking about what my life would be like if I truly embraced this truth that I am beloved by God. How many unimportant things would fall away? How many annoying  and exhausting worries would become insignificant? How many barbs from others or self-doubts would cease to wound?

I am beloved of God!

This video is an excerpt from a longer sermon, the additional parts of which you can find using YouTube's search window, but it plants the seed for this crucial message and it's worthy of your reflection today.

Who do you believe you are? Whose do you believe you are?

For further reading: Books by Henri Nouwen

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