We had a gathering of close family members this weekend to celebrate my husband’s birthday, and just before serving supper, I asked for the partying to pause for a moment so I could thank our guests for coming and being part of our celebration. I hadn’t thought to ask anyone to make a toast, but my sister-in-law spoke up, raised her glass and said, “Johnny is one of the kindest, gentlest people I know. He has been there for our family whenever we needed him, and it is an honor to be here to celebrate him and his birthday.”

It was so simple, but so sincere, and I could not have scripted anything to be more touching or perfect for making my wonderful husband feel special.

Note with words "I Love You"So my reflection today is short and simple: if you love, admire, or respect someone, find a way to let them know how you feel, whether in person, by phone, or by note. In the case of your closest family, you may assume they already know, but it’s still something everyone loves to hear. In some cases, you might be very surprised to learn the recipient of your expression of affection or admiration may actually not realize how you feel.

Life is fleeting. Never take for granted those whose lives have touched you or the power you have to nourish their heart and soul with a few simple words. Who needs to hear from you today?

Photo Credits: “Woman Toasting With Red Wine” by “auremar” via BigStockPhoto. “I Love You” note by Maira Kouvara via FreeImages.com. 
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