I am attending a business retreat outside of Atlanta with 10 fabulous, creative, and generous women who are part of the year-long PinkCoattails mastermind program founded by Dr. Ellen Britt. Our creative director for this retreat is Laura West. The theme for the retreat is “Step Into Your Creative Power,” and each of us is here to focus on our business, get feedback and support from each other, and identify some action steps that will take our business to the next level.

As readers of this blog at Heartspoken.com, you know it explores life's four essential connections (with God, with self, with others, and with nature), because I am absolutely convinced they enrich and give meaning and purpose to our lives. For years, my business income has been primarily from freelance writing and desktop publishing, and this blog has been a labor of love and passion. Today it was my turn to sit in front of my peers and mentors and explain what I was trying to do with Heartspoken and get feedback on how I might be more effective in conveying its important messages. I came away with a clear action plan to do two things:

  1. Write a series of books called Heartspoken's Little Guide series.
  2. Create a podcast in which I'll interview experts in the four area of connection.

There was great enthusiasm and affirmation for the site and its mission. Everyone in the group agreed that I shouldn't try to separate the four areas of connection by removing any of them from my theme because so often, they are intricately intertwined.

As I went back to my room to start writing a post for today on the topic of “Connect with God,” I looked for inspiration in my prayer journal and opened it up to the first entry of 2014. In it, I asked God for help in creating my best life—one in which I fully embrace my gifts and fulfill my purposes on this earth. I asked for guidance and direction in my professional as well as my personal life, and I promised to trust it would come and be willing to take action when I received guidance. Here is the response from God I felt I received that day. What happened today at this retreat was a very clear fulfillment of His promise, and my prayer journal has been an important tool for helping me strengthen my connection with God by reminding me of my simple prayers and His answers.

“My daughter, your past year has been one of incubation. You are ready to step out of your old shell and create new things that will bless people. Listen for my voice and resist the cacophony of marketing voices. I have led you to the resources you need, and I will continue to do so. You will find them as you need them. Don't expect to see the future clearly, but I will always illuminate the next step if you pay attention. You already have made a difference in the lives you touch. I will help you amplify that. I love you.”

I stand in awe and gratitude for His blessings.

I'm afraid all too often I've receivedĀ divineĀ guidance and either didn't take quick action or didn't recognize it. You, my dear readers, have permission to hold me accountable for taking action on the guidance that came from God through the vehicle of my business friends at this retreat.

Have you ever received the answer to prayer from God's still small voice or through the words and actions of others? Did you realize at the time it was an answer to a prayer or did that realization come later?



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