I Like Giving: The Transforming Power of a Generous Life

Author: Brad Formsma  •  Waterbrook Press  •  Available in Kindle or Paperback formats

Big ideas don't have to be new

I was sent this book in hopes I would read and review it, and I have to admit I was afraid it would be syrupy sweet—and repetitive of other similarly themed books. The author himself admits, “This is not a new idea. I’m just convinced it’s a really big idea.” I was delighted to find a robust and engaging book that not only confirmed my own belief in the power of generosity, but it also reframed the way I think about what generosity might look like in my own life. It can do the same for you too.

First and foremost, the book is not preachy. Nor does it smack of self-righteousness on the part of the author. The way he avoids both is by simply telling other people’s stories in their own words about the impact of generosity in their lives.

We all know there are always more needs to be met in the world than there are people to meet them. But Mr. Formsma makes the case we need to give because it helps the giver as much or more than it helps the recipient. “Giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin.”

The dark side of giving

I particularly appreciated the author’s willingness to address the downside of giving. He makes no bones about the fact that some recipients will squander your gift. They might even be ungrateful or possibly even resentful. He distinguishes between indiscriminate giving and spontaneous giving and provides powerful examples of the ripple effect of giving.

By telling the stories of others, I was inspired to think beyond the typical notion of monetary giving. There are so many other ways to give of your time or talent even if you don’t have much money.

Mr. Formsma wraps up his book with this reflection, “Every time we give, a story begins, and the rippling effects of one simple act are immeasurable. Giving has been an incredibly transformative experience for me. As I have practiced this more and more, I have found myself more connected and empathetic to the people around me…Few things in the world feel as good and as right as giving.”

Book Author: Brad Formsma

Book Author: Brad Formsma

What's your giving story?

This book is a delightful read, and it’s truly an invitation to tell your own giving story. Order it today from Amazon: I Like Giving: The Transforming Power of a Generous Life, and share your own story below about giving or receiving.

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