I am not kidding (but I read it twice to make sure it was for real). According to a recent study of almost 7,000 married couples[1. Gager, Constance and Scott Yabiku, “Who Has the Time? The Relationship Between Household Labor Time and Sexual Frequency,” Journal of Family Issues, February 1, 2010: http://jfi.sagepub.com/cgi/content/abstract/31/2/135.], when husbands and wives both do work around the house, the likelihood of having sex together is increased. Possible reasons?

  • They’re spending more time together.
  • Their work signals a commitment to the relationship and the home.
  • Shared work means they both have more energy and time for sex.

How’s that for a Connection Strategy? While the division of labor can vary depending on a couple’s circumstances, the moral of this story seems to be, “Work hard and play hard.”

Oh sweetheart…are you in the laundry room or the kitchen?

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