I am so happy to welcome my friend Robyn Harrison, who generously agreed to let me share this poignant poem she wrote several years ago. The gorgeous photograph above is one of hers as well. She says she pulls this poem out each year, dusts it off, changes the date, and reads it again. The message is indeed timeless, and the idea of writing yourself a song is so beautiful…beautiful like you are.

A Song To Myself ~ New Year Prayer

What will 2014 bring for me? For those who touch me? What will this nation and the world endure? What will we all look like & sound like when it is done?

I stand at the open door to 2014, bowing to what was what is & what will be. I embrace the honor of living the mystery of this next year.

As I meet every challenge every pain & every joy may I ~

Remember to appreciate the good – to see & to recognize & celebrate the inherent beauty of life.

Be always cognizant of the great privilege & responsibility of living.

May I at all times show compassion & respect for myself & for all others.

May I be mindful of the Earth & all that dwells here.

May I choose my words carefully, remembering the hurt noise can cause.

May I always find the time & the strength to be quiet to be still & to listen.

May I always hear.

May I choose kind acts rather than angry gestures.

May I daily reach within myself to claim the goodness that is born there. May I be wise & thoughtful in all things.

May I not want more than I truly need & with my surplus may I be generous.

May I be equally attentive to the needs of my physical being as to those of my consciousness.

May I learn to make a joyful noise.

At the close of every day may I comfortably own my every deed.

And when I am bowing at the portal of 2015 – if that is my destiny – may I find that I have grown positively & illuminated faithfully my own unique light upon my modest space in the universe.


Photo credit: Colorful city bench by Robyn Harrison


Robyn Harrison 2Robyn Harrison is a photographer & poet. Having spent most of her life battling mental illness, she found her balance and her voice while living on the beach in the Outer Banks of NC. Moving across state to the mountains, she now joyfully resides in Asheville, NC. She is currently enthusiastically designing her own greeting card line which combines her short verse poetry with her photography. She hopes to have her cards for sale to the public by April 2014, with all net profits donated to help those struggling with mental health issues in the Western North Carolina area. Please “like” her Sand and Earth Woman Facebook Page.

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