When I stepped outside one cool morning about a week ago, I noticed little groves of mushrooms that had popped out of the mulch in my flowerbed, seemingly overnight.

How happy I was today to learn more about these fascinating creations of nature from Sue Heavenrich at Archimedes Notebook: “The Fungus Among Us.” She describes this interesting group, of which mushrooms are the most familiar. She shared the video below from the “Naked Science Scrapbook” which wonderfully depicts the role that fungi play in our world in various ecosystems. Did you know they're neither plants nor animals? Nor are they bacteria. They are their own kingdom (Fungi, pronounced either fun-jee or fun-guy) that also includes yeasts and molds.

Once you've watched this fascinating video, you'll want to grab your magnifying glass the next time you spot a mushroom or a patch of mold.


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