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Today's Connection Spotlight shines on the Little Free Library movement that's connecting readers with books all over the world. Now before you say, “But community libraries have been doing that for centuries!” let me say how big a supporter I am of community libraries. But the Little Free Library is a delightful variant of that, and it has the potential for serving neighborhoods and communities unserved by a more traditional library.

The Little Free Library movement is, at its core, a free book exchange on a micro-local level, often in someone's front yard. Its most common iteration is in the form of an edifice that resembles a very large birdhouse, where books can be housed and protected from the weather, but as you can see from this link—Do It Yourself Little Free Libraries”— they come in all shapes and sizes. They all operate on the “Leave a book, take a book” policy. Pinterest hosts lots of boards on little free libraries: http://pinterest.com/ltlfreelibrary/boards/. Co-founder Todd Bol recalls someone's description of the Little Free Library concept, “It's like having a front porch that extends to your sidewalk.”

For more information about the Little Free Library movement, including how you can participate, help, or even build your own little free library, visit http://littlefreelibrary.org.

Do you have a little free library in your neighborhood? I'd love to have you post a photo on my Facebook page. We also welcome “Connection Spotlight” stories or ideas. Use the comments section below or Heartspoken's Contact Page.

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