Thanks to Dr. Brenée Brown's blog, I have just been introduced to author Katherine Center and to this wonderful reading of her essay “What You Know Now.” A simple question from her eight-year-old daughter—What's the difference between fashion and style?—sparked Katherine's poignant reflections on life, love, being yourself, and gratitude. Some memorable quotes from the essay:

“We are only as great as our struggles.”

“More than anything, I'm grateful to have learned how to be grateful. That's the difference between being eight and being forty.”

“Nothing is going to last. And as heartbreaking as that is, it's also the thing that makes every single second matter.”

Watch the video to hear Katherine's wonderful answer to her daughter's question. It's perfect.


Katherine Center's new book is The Lost Husband. I've just finished reading it and highly recommend it as a heart-warming, poignant story filled with all the delicious elements of a good read: loss, love (old and new), quirky characters, overcoming adversity,with lots of memorable insights along the way.

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