I didn't believe my eyes when I read the Richmond Times Dispatch headline:

“Four children of Civil War Soldiers still live in Virginia” by Bill Lohmann

According to heritage groups that track this kind of thing, there are at least 24 children of Confederate soldiers and 30 children of Union soldiers still living in the U.S., the children of aging veterans and young brides. They range in age from 83 to 106, and most do not remember their father because they were so young when their father died.

CLICK HERE to read more about these rare living links to history.

This seems astounding, yet I have my own interesting links to the Civil War.

A dear elderly lady from my childhood, “Cousin Emily” Ramey, in Rectortown, VA, used to tell us about the friendship between her father and Col. John S. Mosby, “The Grey Ghost.” When they were both old men and my “Cousin Emily” was a young girl, Mosby visited their home in Fauquier County, the same home where I visited her over a half century later. I might have sat in the same chair where Mosby sat. I definitely walked across the same wooden floors.

My husband's great-grandfather lost a leg in the first battle of Manassas. He lied about his age to be allowed to enlist in a Confederate Mississippi regiment when he was just a teenager, and in spite of his injuries, he lived to be an old man whom my mother-in-law, his granddaughter, remembered fondly.

What is your closest link to the Civil War?

Photo credit: “Civil War Soldier” by Loretta Humble via StockXChng

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