I've become a connection curator

Since the early days of Heartspoken.com, when I first realized that connection was calling me to plumb its depths, I have become a connection curator: someone who studies, explores, collects, organizes, and interprets what they learn about connection.

I see connection everywhere now, much the way you start seeing others driving a car like your new one when you never noticed that particular car before. Or you overhear someone in a crowd speaking about a book you just finished when that title would have meant nothing to you before. In my daily travels, especially in my reading, I come across instances of connection that I find intriguing or fun, yet not necessarily worthy of a whole article or deep reflection. I clip things out or jot them down, and it's time to do something with them.

Introducing Connection Spotlight!

This is a new featureĀ to alert you to something short, a connection nugget if you will. As I add them to the site, you can find all of them by using the Search Box to look forĀ “Connection Spotlight.”

Call for roving connection observers

Please share your own discoveries that might qualify for a Connection Spotlight. Not only will you get a mention, but I'm going to keep a list of those who share their connection discoveries, and from time to time, there will be prize drawings.

Photo credit: Stage spotlights by “silvae” via BigStockPhoto
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