The late afternoon light streaming through our pine woods creates heavenly beams illuminating the exquisite beauty and design of each tree and shrub, each bough and needle, casting long shadows in a foretaste of the evening to come. Even in winter, this time of day never ceases to thrill me with its visual drama and invokes feelings of reverence and awe. It's no wonder late evening and early morning are the realm of great nature photographers.

Since becoming a connection curator, I see connection everywhere. The connection between connections—in this case between Nature and God—are always affirming, each a wayfarer's sign pointing to the existence of the other. I can't walk out into the pine woods—be it morning, mid-day, or evening—without experiencing the presence of God. When I'm anxious or troubled, just breathing deeply the fresh, clean scent of this sacred space is calming and nurturing.

This lovely piece written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning was quoted in my devotional reading today from Celtic Daily Prayer: Prayers and Readings From the Northumbria Community. It speaks movingly to the experience I've described above.

Earth is crammed with heaven,
and every common bush afire with God,
but only he who sees
takes off his shoes.

Where is your special, sacred space?

Photo credit: A pine forest in evening light by “Stocksnapp” via BigStockPhoto, my favorite source for quality stock photos



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