Introducing Earth Connection Messenger: April Moore

Some of the most powerful Connection Messengers in my life have been those people who see the same things I see every day but who can, through their words, their music, or their art, help me see them in a wonderful new way that forever changes my appreciation for what might before have been mundane or overlooked. April Moore is just such a person when it comes to Nature. Having visited her beautiful home deep in the forest high up on a mountain ridge, I understand what inspires her.

“The environment is my great passion,” says April in her website bio. “I have delighted in nature for as long as I can remember.  Many of my moments of greatest spiritual connectedness have been inspired by the natural world.”

If you're looking for a reminder about the breathtaking beauty and mystery of our island home,  look no further than her Earth Connection Blog:

April shares inspiration, musings, and wonderful links and pictures about all aspects

Photo of April Moore

April Moore, Guest Author

of Earth and Nature, including an occasional painful reflection on the havoc mankind is wreaking on her. Her reflections in this post on the forest are especially nice.

Whether you live in the city or the country, you'll love seeing Nature through April's eyes and her beautiful writing.

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