I thought so. So do I.

And there's no better place to start than right where we are. Today. Now.

Let's accept the challenge of a young woman in Ireland, Virginia Salas Kastilio, on her new website A Kinder Day. Take just a small step to create a kinder day for someone else and add a bit more happiness to the world. She'll be announcing a new mission every two weeks and posting the results of those who participate.

Mission #1, should you choose to accept it: Letter to a stranger

Here are the instructions from Virginia's A Kinder Day website:

You take a piece of paper.
Write a beautiful letter wishing it's finder a wonderful day, week or life, 

Take a picture of the contents of the letter.
Be on your way in your daily life and leave the letter somewhere special for somewhere to find.
– In a book – On park bench – On the table of a cafe – Between the pages of a library book – In someone's letter box – The windshield of a car
Then take a picture of your letter in its special place and send both pictures to me. 

Let's see how many letters we can write, in as many countries around the world. 

Send me your letters via e-mail:  

or by post:

81 Hollywood Estates
Cork, Ireland

Let's make people smile, create a shift in consciousness and make this world a kinder place. 

Deadline for this mission:: 10th of March 2013

I can feel some of you smiling because you know how irresistible this kind of challenge would be for me!

Meeting Virginia Kastilio: another connection story

Someone (I wish I could remember who. If it was you, let me know in the comments below) sent me a link to a TED talk by Hannah Brencher talking about the love-letter-writing movement she has started. I was deeply moved and left a comment. Virginia read my comment and replied she was doing something similar at AKinderDay.com. Here's Hannah's inspiring video that connected me with Virginia. It's less than five minutes long:

So once again, social media has connected me with not one, but two beautiful souls, and it makes me happy to help them by sharing their heart-expanding missions.

Will you take the challenge and write a love letter to a stranger today? If you do, please let Virginia know.

Photo credit: “Old Letters” by Bethany Van Trees
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