I was perusing some of the questions on Quora recently, and after searching for the term “Connection,” I came across this interesting question: What would it be like to live in a world of two degrees of separation between any two people?

The question references the commonly held theory that everyone in the world is no more than six degrees of separation apart. Here's an example: I know Jim and he knows Sue. Between Sue and me, there are two degrees of separation. Sue's father is the first cousin of a British lord who is married to a close friend of Prince Charles. That makes only six degrees of separation between me and Queen Elizabeth!

As you might expect, I found the question fascinating. This is how I answered it:

If we lived in a world with only two degrees of separation between any two people, we'd have to be even more selective and in tune with ourselves and our higher power than ever before, because it would take discernment to know which of these many relationships should be cultivated and which should be ignored. Cultivating them all would surpass our current capacity to maintain meaningful relationships.

I am a curator of knowledge, research, and beliefs about the power of connection. While I believe meaningful connections are essential to happiness and success, there must be a quality component to our important connections, and that requires attention and time.

Connection creates the conduit, but what flows through it is up to us, our values, and our choices.

So yes, I believe there can be too many connections to maintain them all reasonably.

Do you agree? How do you decide which of your current connections should be cultivated and which ignored?

Photo credit: “Social Network Molecule” by Chris via BigStockPhoto
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