God-hugs are those wonderful moments of grace, insight, wisdom, or love that come to you out of the blue at exactly the moment you need them most. Sometimes it's a phone call, or perhaps a note or letter. More often than not, it's something you hear or read or see. It can be a direct message spoken by another person, even a stranger. My friend Susan Massie told me one time of a God-hug she received as she was wallowing in the pain of a disintegrating marriage. It was painted in huge letters on the side of a passing eighteen-wheeler: “Grace.”

You know it's a God-hug when its timing is so powerful and so perfect, there is no doubt a higher power is involved. Yet even God needs messengers for these earthly deliveries.

This week, my wonderful sister Sarah was the primary purveyor of God-hugs to me (and probably to others, knowing the way she works). She caught me in a tearful mood on Monday morning as I was feeling stressed by numerous small life bumps, deadlines, weight gain, and too many people wanting a piece of me. At the root of my struggles was my propensity for ignoring essential self-care (including making healthy food choices) and using the deluded excuse that helping others was more important.

I know better.

I've preached elsewhere in this blog about the importance of valuing yourself (“Are you kind to yourself?”), but it's just very hard for me.

Sarah knows me too well. Every day this week, she's sent me short messages of encouragement, each perfectly in synch with my mood and piercingly effective in getting me back on track. This morning, she sent me a link to my Aries Horoscope by Stephanie Azaria:

You’ve recently awakened to the importance of bringing your physical body into alignment with the rest of you, not that you’re one to neglect it, but constant repair is in order as we get on with our lives. A newly healed part of you is ready for action, and because of this well-being, you are more emotionally alive than you can remember. It’s a welcome surprise. Emotion is an energy, a flow that provides the movement toward a more heart centered experience, provided you’re willing to ride those feelings without identifying too closely with them. Ups and downs are part of life. Riding them so hard that they hurt and disrupt you is optional. You’re about to realize your mission as a great pioneering soul on the planet.

Whatever your life has just moved you through is what you came here to teach others.

Wow! Can you imagine how much that changed the conversation in my head? Besides the obvious self-care lesson, it reframed the issues to become stepping stones instead of obstacles. It also felt like a confirmation of my mission here at Heartspoken: to share what I learn about connection in my own journey in hopes it will help you in yours. And what is connection if not a conduit for God's love?

I love you, Sarah, and am so grateful you let God use you in this beautiful way.

Yes, I struggle with wanting to control my own destiny. Too often, I succumb to the “tyranny of shoulds” and think I have to do this or that, just because I can. How easy it is to launch into frenzied activity without taking the time to ask for guidance from above, my mind and gut in a twisted ball of stress and anxiety. When I allow this to happen, I leave no room for the still small voice of Spirit, and what a mistake that always is for me!

Oh, but when I do take that time—when I really stop and mentally place myself in God's light and love, ask to be shown the way, and step forth in confidence that the way will become clear—then, like fireflies coming out on a warm summer evening, God-hugs start popping out from all around me, bringing their light to illumine my path.

When has a gesture or event felt like a God-hug to you? What connection might you make today that could be a God-hug for someone else?

Photo Credit: “Fireflies” by Mark Rasmussen via BigStockPhoto



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