Do you write letters and notes to your children?

I didn't do it as much as I should have, but I was inspired by an article called “The Talk” by Glennon Melton in the Huffington Post. Melton has “The Talk” with her children every year as they are starting school, and she shared the one she had with her son entering third grade. “The Talk” could very well be done as a letter written to your child, something they can treasure and read again in the future.

I hope you'll read the whole article about what she says to her son, but two parts especially moved me. The first was telling him about a boy named Adam who had been in her own elementary school class, a boy who was different and unpopular. As she reminisced about this, she said:

I think that God puts people in our lives as gifts to us. The children in your class this year, they are some of God's gifts to you.

So please treat each one like a gift from God. Every single one.

The second very moving message to her son Chase is one we should tell our children regardless of their age:

Chase — We do not care if you are the smartest or fastest or coolest or funniest. There will be lots of contests at school, and we don't care if you win a single one of them. We don't care if you get straight As. We don't care if the girls think you're cute or whether you're picked first or last for kickball at recess. We don't care if you are your teacher's favorite or not. We don't care if you have the best clothes or most Pokemon cards or coolest gadgets. We just don't care.

We don't send you to school to become the best at anything at all. We already love you as much as we possibly could. You do not have to earn our love or pride and you can't lose it. That's done.

We send you to school to practice being brave and kind.

If you have children (or grandchildren or nieces or nephews or friends) still in school, even if they are still very young, write them a letter about the things you want them to know.

They might not figure it out on their own…or it might take them a lot longer without your help.

Go. Now. Get that pen and paper. And write…

Photo credit: “Charlotte and her bear” by Marinka van Holten, Utrecht, Netherlands via StockXChng



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