I love learning about the natural world around me, and I am constantly nudging myself to be more observant and ask more questions so I'll understand what I'm looking at. Connecting with nature and being more conversant about the things I see every day gives me great joy and pleasure.

I follow the blogs of several nature writers, and some of the best are those who write primarily for children, whose sense of wonder about their surroundings is a constant source of inspiration.

Sue Heavenrich (what a wonderful name!) has a fascinating post today on her blog Archimedes Notebook called “Check out moth night life.” She talks about the difference between moths and butterflies and shares a wonderful activity, perfect for doing with children or grandchildren, guaranteed to get lots of moths to look at and enjoy. I won't spoil the fun by telling you what it is: go check out her article HERE and find out for yourself. If you leave a comment, be sure to tell Sue you heard about her from Heartspoken!

Happy moth-watching!

Photo Credit: Atlas moth (largest moth in the world) by Trijnie Drenthe WandersStadskanaal, Groningen, Netherlands vi StockXchng.com.
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