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Only 85 Shopping days until Christmas! My guest today sent me this interesting article about Scottish gifts that may well get you thinking beyond our borders, especially if you have a Scot on your gift list. I'm posting this early to give you plenty of time to get it “across the pond.” I've left the author's unique spelling for your interest and pleasure.


What gifts can you give the Scotland lover in your life? Or just the style-conscious better half for that matter? Most of the time we get stuck on whisky, shortbread, haggis or Edinburgh rock – none of which is particularly original and some of which, let’s face it, is downright non-Scottish – or at least that’s what I’m told by the Northern half of the family. Edinburgh rock, for one, is out of the question according to my Nan, who refuses to recognise Edinburgh as part of the country full stop.

“It’s English,” she tells me. “It just got lost North of the border.”

No, real Scottish gifts are harder to get your hands on. And if you want something that lasts, rather than a bottle of whisky or a good haggis, then you’re really stuck.

I like to look around at the colours and shapes of Scotland instead, get some inspiration for something a little bit original. Like jewellery or bags, for example – things that can be used on special occasions with just that twist of Scottish flavour to bring to the party.

I’ve seen some pretty wonderful cocktail and evening bags recently – cocktail bags small enough to slip on the wrist, yet big enough for everything you need for a night on the town. Made from a range of beautifully coloured silks, with a flower of Scotland neatly incorporated into the design, they’re ideal. Not touristy, not something that’ll be here today and gone tomorrow – and every time the wearer has a special occasion she’ll be thinking of me – and of Scotland.

Even nicer, in my humble opinion, is the full sized evening bag I saw that looks like it belongs to a very trendy witch. And I mean that in the most complimentary sense of the word. Think medieval chic if you can and you’ll be on the right lines. A braided two-tone strap, matching the interior and exterior colours of the silk bag, makes for a fashion statement that looks like it should contain magic potions or jewels!

Other brilliant Scottish gifts I’ve seen include wraps, made from the same vibrant silks, or necklaces, brooches and bracelets. Some nice Scottish twists on the idea of charms, for example, which take the Tartan and arrange of significant stones to signify hope; or peace; or luck; or love; or happiness.

My all-time favourite Scottish gifts, though, have to be the necklaces I saw where you can write a tiny message on a scroll and put it inside. Charming (no pun intended) is charming. If there’s a special someone in your life and you want her to know just how special, what better way to say it than with your own personalised message, kept safe in a scrollwork silver egg, dangling on a ribbon of finest Tartan?

Robert Brost is a freelance content writer by profession. She writes articles on behalf of Scottish gifts. Fashion and jewellery are her topic of interest.

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