Anyone who is serious about understanding themselves—I mean REALLY understanding themselves—had better get a handle on their relationship with money. Our attitudes about money are usually formed quite early in our lives, and far too often, we operate on those initial ingrained thoughts and assumptions without ever challenging them or deciding, in a thoughtful way, that we want to embrace them for ourselves.

Dr. Cynthia Briggs has just completed a very good, and very brave, free four-part e-course called “Let's Get Right With Money,” based on the book The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist.I say it's good because the lessons make you think about things you often don't—or won't—think about, but should. It's brave because she is very honest about her own struggles with, and attitudes about, money. She's pointing out the gorilla in the room and making us all admit we see him too.

Head shot of Dr. Cyndi Briggs, The Sophia Project

Cyndi Biggs, The Sophia Project

If you think this might be an area you need to work on to understand yourself and your motives better, you can find the four lessons of the free e-course on Cyndi's blog, The Sophia Project:

Let's Get Right With Money – Part 1 of 4

Let's Get Right With Money: Myth #1 – There's not enough

Let's Get Right With Money: Myth #2 – More is better

Let's Get Right With Money: Myth #3 – That's Just the way it is

While you're there, sign up to receive more of Cyndi's excellent content. I always find her articles intelligent and thought-provoking.

I'd love to hear your own insights on your relationship with money—how it is now and how it might have changed in your life—in the comments below. Or join the conversation at my Facebook page.

Photo credit: “Money” by Marcel Kriegl via StockXchng
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